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  • September 2013

    A long overdue update prior to website overhaul !!

    We have just had our best classification yet, with the heifers in particular making for a promising future for the herd - it's amazing what a summer of sun does for Man and Beast!!

    Highlights include:

    48 heifers scored, with 8 VG, 38 GP (of which 21 were GP84 or GP83), and 2 G (none lower).

    They were sired by bulls such as Lucente, Damion, Mr Sam, Shottle, Loader, Xacebeo, Douglas and stock bulls such as Gold.

    We also scored 24 cows with 6 EX and 14 VG many of which are 2nd calvers

    Below are some of the individual highlights - click on their names to find out more about them.

    Branchal Loader Paula 113 VG86-2yrs
    Branchal Mario Babette 549 VG85-2yrs
    - 2 gens EX
    Branchal Gold Dixie 268 VG85-2yrs - gdam EX93-3E
    Branchal Shottle Pride 129 VG85-2yrs- dam VG
    Branchal Damion Katkin 88 VG85-2yrs - dam EX92
    Branchal Dolman Paula 110 VG85-2yrs - dam VG87
    Branchal Lucente Patch 31 VG85-2yrs
    Branchal Gold Clybloem 94 VG85-2yrs
    Dalesend MS Amanda GP84-2yrs - bred from 6 gens VG or EX
    Branchal Bolton Ermine 25 EX91 - EX 3rd calver with over 11,000kg in her 2nd
    Branchal Shaker Katkin 74 EX90- 12,000kg plus last lact, now in her 3rd, 3 gens EX
    Branchal Manitoba Mollie EX90 - dam VG86 and already has 2 VG daughters
    Branchal Donor Katkin 77 EX90- dam EX92 Branchal Lava daughter
    Branchal Babette 432 EX94-5E
    Branchal PI Dixie 205 EX92-3E

  • May 2012
    We have just had the classifier, highlights include Dalesend Silky Rena who in her 7th lactation has just been moved up to EX94-5E

    Dalesend Silky Rena

    We also had four homebred cows score multiple EX, Branchal Babette EX92-3E, Branchal PI Dixie 205 EX91-2E, Branchal Babette 432 EX91-4E, Branchal Lord PI Dixie 224 EX90-3E, there were also two younger cows at VG88 Branchal Gibson Divina 72 and Branchal Bolton Ermine 25
    32 heifers were scored with 21 GP (inc 7 at GP84) and 4 VG which were Branchal Lucente Molly 122 VG86, Branchal Troubadour Molly 114, Branchal Phil Divina 78 and Branchal Phil Pride 121

  • May 12th 2012 saw the annual trip to the local Kilmacolm show, with great success, our Lucente heifer Branchal Lucente Molly 122 won the heifer in milk class going on to be Champion, while Branchal Bolton Ermine 25 VG87 won the cow in milk class and went on to be Reserve Champion

    Pics to follow.....

  • The nine heifers sold on 21st March 2012 at Carlisle sold to a top of 2550gns for Branchal Lucente Divina, with Neil Sanderson buying four of the nine lots, the nine heifers averaged 2172gns. As laways we wish purchasers well with their new animals. Watch out for further consignments in August and October.

  • We have been calving a lot of heifers recently at Branchal, this will allow some of the older cows to leave the herd and means we have consigned 11 heifers to the Carlisle Club Sale on Wednesday 21st March 2012. All are fresh heifers which calved between 7th February and 28th February. They are sired by the likes of Dictator, Lucente, Annandale Kaiser, Burt and Dalbytop Phil.

  • Due to a natural surplus we sold 12 heifers from Branchal at the Borderway Mart Carlisle on the 17th August.

    They included daughters of Baxter, Tennyson, Spooky, Merchant and our own stock bull Annandale Keiser, with many of them fresh in the last three weeks and already giving well over 30kg per day. They are genuine heifers with great futures which we are sure will go away and do well for their new owners, and we thank all those who bought these heifers many of which we are pleased to say have bought from us at both the centerary sale and when we have sold since at H and H.

    The 12 heifers averaged 1975 selling to a top of 2200gns for Branchal Baxter Pride 120 who had been 2nd place in the Senior Heifer in Milk class - for individual prices look at the stock for sale page.

  • May 2011 update:-
    2010 Averages-  149 cows average 9581 kg at 3.72% BF and 3.20 % Protein

    Top yielding cow again was Branchal Lord Mervyn11 VG85 giving 14,756kgs at 3.50% BF  3.02% Pro

    15 Branchal Lord Lily daughters averaged 10,627kgs

    More to come -  Classifier coming 13th May 2011

  • We had a successful trip to Carlisle on Wednesday 22nd November, our heifer
    Branchal Homestead Dixie 242 was 1st prize heifer and then Champion, she made 2000gns

    champion b and l nov 2010

  • Malc Dyson came to Branchal on 15th November to rescore fresh cows and first lactation animals. Of the 20 cows scored 7 were EX and 12 VG, with 19 heifers also classified with 1 VG85, 15 GP and 3 G.
    Highlights include:-
    Branchal Shaker Babette 517 VG85-2yrs
    Branchal Lord PI Dixie 224 EX93-2E (see her picture below as a 2nd calver now 4th)
    Branchal Sheringham Molly 79 EX92-2E
    Branchal Lookout PI Dixie 218 EX91-2E
    Branchal Babette 432 EX90-2E
    Branchal Atlantis Jean 2 EX90
    Branchal PI Dixie 201 EX90
    Branchal PI Dixie 206 EX90
    Branchal Babette 452 VG88

  • We have now sent £356 to Cancer Research UK  from the sale of last years History of Branchal booklet

  • The classifier has again visited the herd in late May when we had 4 EX and 16 VG cows as well as 2 VG heifers and 20 GP heifers, particular highlights include:-

    Animal Details Score
    B Lord PI Dixie 224

    3rd calver fresh since October, projected to over 12,500kg , still giving over 43kg per day, served to Samuelo and by Branchal Lord Lily

    B Lord Dixie 224

    B Lord Katkin 64

    Another 3rd calver, she calved late January and is giving over 53kg over a day, also a daughter of the herd sire Branchal Lord Lily who is served to Sanchez. 2nd generation EX.

    B Lord Katkin 64

    B Babette 430 Milking in her 6th lactation Babette 430 is a daughter of Branchal Lava (a Delta Lava son). She is still on over 37kg per day at over 200 days calved
    B Showman Babette 477 A 3rd calf ABS Showman daughter who is projected to over 11, 500kg and she calved in December 2009
    B Bolton Elusive 273 One of a number of great Sandy-Valley Bolton daughters at Branchal, she is a 35kg per day plus heifer already served to Scooby Duu
    B Bolton Mystery 35 With a VG87 mammary this is a great uddered Bolton who calved her 1st in mid April and is giving over 38kg per day

    Branchal Bolton Elusive 273 won the Championship and was 1st Heifer in Milk also Branchal Lord Katkin was 1st Cow in Milk

    Branchal Bolton Elusive 273
    Branchal Bolton Elusive 273 - Houston Show Champion 2010

  • After a long hard winter we have finally got the cows out to grass and nearly finished the lambing. We last milk recorded on 1st May and were very pleased with the herd performance, 160 cows and heifers averaged 35.4kg with the highest yielding cow being Branchal Lord Katkin 64 who gave 62.4kg, the 13 Branchal Lord Lily daughters averaged 47.3kg at 164 days calved.

  • It was our local show, Kilmacolm on 8th May where we had a successful day, Branchal Lord PI Dixie was Champion Holstein and Interbreed Champion, while Branchal Bolton Elusive 273 was Heifer Champion and Reserve Champion.

    Branchal Lord PI Dixie 224
    Branchal Lord PI Dixie 224 - Kilmacolm Interbreed Champion 2010

  • We are looking forward to our next classification visit on 26th May and will update more then
  • We have just had the annual statement back from CIS, our new Herd average is 8842kg at 3.88% fat and 3.30% protein(on 166 records).

    We continue to be very impressed with daughters of our own bull, Branchal Lord, with four 2nd lactation Lord daughters averaging over 11,799kg.

    Our highest yielding cow last year was also a Branchal Lord daughter,
    Branchal Lord Mervyn 11 GP83 who gave 14,281kg at 3.65% fat and 2.95% protein in 305 days in her 2nd lactation.

  • A History of Branchal, a 20 page book chronicling the farm, the herd and the family is now available. We are asking for modest donations towards the purchase of a book, with monies received going to Cancer Research UK. We hope you find this pictorial and editorial account of the last 100 years of Black & White breeding interesting.
  • We have decided to mark the Branchal Centenary with a special sale of 50 young milking animals at Carlisle on Wednesday 19th August, visit the Stock for Sale page to find out more about it !




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3rd lact 305 days 11,018 kg



2nd lact 305 days 11,479kg
From the EX90 Branchal Katkin 60

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