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2014 Update

With the milking herd numbering over 230, and over 130 calvings due this year, we have a natural surplus of stock to sell and an abundance of daily tasks.

With this in mind we are offering for sale privately a batch of 20 freshly calved heifers, all of which have/will calve from 11th Janaury - 11th February.

They are sired by bulls such as Sanchez, Specialist, Mr Sam, Go Farm Royal Pelle, Loader, Atlantic, Outbound and Metallic as well as stock bulls Keiser and Gold.

Of the 20 heifers, 14 are bred from dams with at least one lactation over 10,000kg.
Many have good pedigrees such as Branchal Pelle Katkin 93 who is backed by 3 gens straight EX, and a dam with a 3rd lactation of 13,561kg in 305 days or Branchal Sam Mystery 44 from a VG88 Bolton dam who gave 11,641kg at 4.02% fat and 3.24% protein.

As always we pride ourselves on selling hard working reliable stock who will go away and perform for their new owners.
Based as we are in SW Scotland we offer stock from a TB free herd.

To discuss the stock further give James a call on 01505 872438

Due to a natural surplus we sold 12 heifers from Branchal at the Borderway Mart Carlisle on the 17th August 2011 and again in March 2012, we are likely to have further consignments in August and October of 2012.

The nine heifers sold on 21st March sold to a top of 2550gns for Branchal Lucente Divina, with Neil Sanderson buying four of the nine lots, the nine heifers averaged 2172gns.

The 12 heifers in August 2012 averaged 1975 selling to a top of 2200gns for Branchal Baxter Pride 120 who had been 2nd place in the Senior Heifer in Milk class

Pictured is dam of Branchal Tennyson Clybloem 82

Branchal Donor Clybloem 64
Branchal Donor 64 EX91 - Dam of Tennyson Clybloem 82


We sold two fresh heifers at the Border and Lakeland Club Sale at Carlisle on Wednesday 24th November they were Branchal Homestead Dixie 242 and Branchal Donor Dixie 243, Dixie 242 was 1st prize heifer and went on to be Champion commanding the days top price of 2000gns, we wish her purchaser well.

**We are pleased to say we have had many positive responses from purchasers of cattle at our sale, we hope to sell a few fresh calved animals during 2010 at Carlisle and welcome your interest in them**

In celebration of 100 years of Black and White breeding we offered 50 head of young productive animals from the herd at Harrison & Hetherington's Borderway Mart on Wednesday 19th August 2009.

We would like to thank all those that made the sale a success, especially all those who supported the sale and particularly purchasers. We thank you for investing in Branchal stock, and sincerely hope that your new animals go onto perform for you.
We are also grateful for the efforts made by friends and family in preparing for the sale, and to The Farm Organisation team- Alex, Andy, Debs, Hannah, Rachel, Sarah, Stuart, Sarah who helped us both at the sale and for many months in advance. Finally we must thanks the auctioneers Glyn and Andrew who sold the cattle.

For those of you wanting to know the outcome, we sold 40 heifers in milk to average £1803 and 6 cows to average £1421, with an overall average of £1753 on 46 head. There were four lots exceeded the 2000gn barrier, lots 119, 125, 132 and 135 which were daughters of Igniter, Speed and Tregibby Gibson from the Molly, Babette and Dixie families.
We showed five heifers in the Border and Lakeland Club Sale and were delighted that they swooped the 1st to 5th spots in the senior milk heifers, with the 2200gn Branchal Igniter Molly going on to make 2200gns to Messrs Reay, Carlisle. She had calved on 2nd August and was giving over 28kg per day. Top price fell to Tregibby Gibson daughter, Branchal Gibson Dixie 234 at 2550gns, bought by my eldest brother Colin for his Raith herd in Fife, lot 135 she was fresh since 1st August and giving 25kg per day, with the scope to make a cow.

Thanks once again to everyone who made the day a success, we will continue to have some stock for sale either privately or through sales over the coming months and years so appreciate your interest and visits.

Branchal Igniter Paula

Branchal Igniter Paula VG86-2yrs
Sold for 1450gns, calved March

Branchal Lord Grace 54

Branchal Lord Grace 54 VG85-2yrs
Sold for 1300gns, calved March





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branchal youngstock

Many of these heifers sold in the Branchal Centenary sale at Carlisle on August 19th 2009



branchal lord pi dixie 224

2nd lact 305 days 10,862kg
Kilmacolm Show Interbreed Champion 2010


2nd lact 305 days 10,575kg



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